Finding the most engaging features for ABInBev's brand storytelling

Using AI to identify the most engaging visual features for ABinBev’s Aguila and Poker brands was crucial for generating more engaging content, better connecting with its audience, and growing its brands in Colombia.
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AbInBev is the world’s leading brewer headquartered in Belgium, their vision and mission are to bring people together for a better world.  Founded in Belgium 14 years ago, they now own over 500 beer brands including global and multi-country brands such as Corona, Leffe,  Aguila, and Brahma as well as multiple craft beers. AbinBev saw in CRANT the opportunity to optimize its interactions with its audience for its brands Aguila and Poker through its social media platforms. They were looking for an efficient way to improve their brand and collect information about their audience's reaction to their posts, so they can make changes according to their brand's needs.

As CRANT is a tech-based company, we encourage every company to network, because it is the best way for them to build a compelling brand and showcase who they are. The top key success of our company is that we use technology in creative ways to help other companies capitalize on their data. We analyze, compare, and identify the best features and keywords that can be useful for the company to optimize its online presence and reach its brand goals.

The Story of Abinbev 

The 3 pillars on which AbInBev was built are unique. Dream, people, and culture are the values that the company strives for every day. The company has transformed significantly over the last few years through a series of mergers and acquisitions, which have resulted in a sprawling estate of technology systems and a large amount of data. Like most companies nowadays, AbinBev uses social media in order to build a brand and connect with people by posting photos, creating content, collaborating with influencers, and sponsoring. Since ‘’people’’ is one of the brand’s top priorities, networking is one of the best ways for the firm to keep up with them and know about their experiences with their brands. The platform they use the most is Instagram. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service that is very useful for both small businesses and big enterprises.

The challenge and the opportunity

As one of the million other companies that are using social media, AbinBev wanted to identify the customer’s reactions to their posts for their beer brands Aguila and Poker in Colombia. They wanted to know the best features on their social media platforms, what they can do better to attract more audience and what type of content generates the most engagement. Working with CRANT gave them the opportunity not only to know what is happening on their online platforms  but also to improve their social media activities by generating content that reflects people’s needs. 

How we responded 

Our company responded by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze images on both Aguila and Poker’s Social media platforms in order to identify the features that drive the highest engagement, provide personalized recommendations and define the brand’s needs. Using artificial intelligence is our strategy to uncover hidden insights and craft a unique competitive advantage for a company. Instagram is the platform that AbInBev uses the most to interact with its audience. We did some data analysis on thousands of images to evaluate and compare both brands by understanding their differences and seeing their best features and lacks. We ranked the data by engagement, post counts, and features so we can figure out what are the best options and opportunities area for their brands, then the tool gave them the insights needed to identify the different solutions that can be useful for the company to achieve its goals, whether it is by improving its personal brand or build better relationship and communication with the audience through organic content.

Solution we found

After observing and analyzing both Cerveza Aguila and Poker’s social media databases, here are the solutions that we found.

We find that the central theme for Aguila is defined by the features of Entertainment, Smile, and (sports) Jersey, their most important feature to attract more engagement is gesture and also sharing more people's experiences on their platforms. To achieve their goal, Aguila has to concentrate more on storytelling. Telling stories and sharing people's experiences is not just a privilege of communication, it's also a way to do marketing talks with customers and genuinely connect with them and help them believe in what the company stands for. Secondly, the gesture is one of the most engaging features of Aguila. According to the American magazine Forbes, body language is more than 50% of communication, therefore a simple gesture can illustrate people’s feelings and make others understand their feelings simply by describing what they see. Considering posts with gestures is a way for the brand to generate attention and share feelings with the audience. Aguila also has some open opportunities in the area of fashion. Even if the features are small, there are some new doors that can be opened for the brand if they consider collaboration. Collaborations are very important for brands in order to reach new audiences, so it could be a way for Aguila to attract new people and build buzz around their brand. 

Cerveza Poker central's theme is defined by the features Smile, Products, and Cartoons, they push a lot of advertising and product-related images instead of engaging more human experiences. It is highly masculine and generates a lot of content with beard, and leg, and receives a lot of spam for sexual content. The solution for Cerveza Poker would be to share more publications with smiles and cartoons (memes). As reported by a Polish blog called Explain Ninja, cartoons are an effective way of communication because they generate attention, evoke emotions and people remember them. Therefore, Cerveza Poker can use this as a privilege for their brand to attract more attention and give the audience what they want.

They also have to find a way to reduce sexual content on their brand and think more about posting Smile content. A smile can easily be used to give people a good feeling and make connections with the internauts. The influence of smile images can be a good asset for the brand, and make some difference.

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