Building a more compelling brand for UVA! with AI

How did UVA use AI to better position its brand against competitors in Puerto Rico and improve social media storytelling? Find out more.
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UVA is a Puerto Rican food delivery company that offers a diversified service and allows other local businesses, such as restaurants, to integrate with their platform to sell their products and services.

Since Crant is a  Machine Learning creative tool, UVA found in Crant a partner to improve its brand, change the company’s image and see its position in the market. UVA contacted Crant. And Crant did it at 3 levels: Brand, Territories, and Attributes, by accounting for post volume, post interactions, and comment sentiment about UVA. As AI-backed, Crant tracks all those information, and within a short time, UVA started seeing the results they were looking for.

The story of UVA

Founded in 2017 by Laura Tirado, founder, and CEO. UVA is a food delivery mobile application and site located in Puerto Rico. It offers several other services after restaurants, such as stores, markets, and fleets. It is a marketplace that allows local businesses to integrate their platforms to sell their products and services. They make deliveries to San Juan – Metro Area, Dorado, and Bayamon. It is one of the best food delivery restaurants in the country competing with other food delivery services in Puerto Rico such as Uber Eats ( the first ), Door Dash, Dame un Bite, Foodnet, Munchies, RonPon, and Supermax.

UVA started with Laura Tirado and one of her brothers, Francisco Tirado, who has a background in technology, specifically in application development. The idea for the restaurant had been there since she was a child. While she was working in a restaurant, she got the initial idea to create a service that provides a better experience in Puerto Rico. She and her brother launched the application and created content for social media. They used artificial intelligence to make images more attractive to capture customers' attention and encourage them to buy. It worked! With technology, they began to grow. Today, they have a vast number of restaurants, approximately 84 stores, and 22  markets offering services on their platform and fleets service. They have become more than a food delivery service which sets them apart from the rest with customer service always available. So that there is no constraint in their delivery service, they have partnered with PROduce, another company that offers delivery service. Her brother, Francisco Tirado, is also the co-founder of this company.

How do they work? The platform of the company connects merchants to customers, it allows merchants to register on the platform and provides information about their restaurants, stores, and markets to the customers. It provides information such as costs, and delivery time. You can order your food from your phone or preferred device as well as non-food items too. They deliver it to you or you can pick it up. Ath, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are the payment options.

The challenge

With all these changes and evolution inside the company,  the challenge in front of UVA was that they could not identify their position in the market among other companies that offer the same service as them. At what level do the customers have appreciated their services and how to improve them? They had not an evaluation of their online performance; they had a branding issue and a data issue. At the statistical level, they wanted to see where UVA stands.

Especially during the lockdown, the requests increased so much that they partnered with pharmacies. They even employed around 30 drivers a day to ensure delivery flows. With all these changes and achievements, they began to quickly conquer the market. UVA become very well known to users and so they understood that marketing is not just about logos, and colors, to name a few. UVA wants to sell its customers another image of the company through data - it wants to show them its position on the market against other competitors.

Aware of this problem, they sought to solve it. UVA was introduced to Crant by a Puerto Rican company that was Crant’s customer who had the same challenge ahead of them. Crant gave them a great result by analyzing other offers and  Crant’s past work, UVA made the decision to start working with Crant to solve this challenge.

The results

Since UVA began collaborating with Crant, their brand was improved on a daily basis. Photos and comments were analyzed by the computer vision tool and natural language tool to give a holistic view of the brand, their online performance was evaluated throughout the data, and their position among competitors has identified thanks to the artificial intelligence tools used by the team allowing them to track organic social media performance of UVA and its competitors and benchmark brands that excel at communicating their territories. They did it at 3 levels: Brand, territories, and Attributes, by applying the PTAI (Promise - Territories - Attributes - Influencers) strategic framework to track the brand's performance compared with different competitors in each territory, by accounting for post volume, post interactions, comment sentiment about UVA and by analyzing the visual features and keywords that make the brand tangible and relevant.

"I love working with CRANT. Their extensive knowledge of brand marketing, backed by data helped us fully understand the potential of our brand" says Laura Tirado, co-founder, and CEO of UVA.

UVA has full control of its data and was able to improve its service and publish more engaging content to build a more compelling brand.

From January 2020 to October 2021, the percentage of their share of Engagement increased to 22.4%, and the Average Engagement per post increased from 1.54% to 7.41%. 

From January 2020 to September 2021, for Brand Love, UVA is still in 4th position. They went from 48.39% to 48.94% compared with Disney + (51.79%) - National Geographic (62.1%) - Deliveroo (48.6%). 

Even when they do not have the best score, Crant's team allows them to see their position and how to improve their service. Today, UVA has another way of telling its story to customers using Crant’s creative tool supported by data and getting insights for their brand marketing strategy.

Would you like to have your own brand story?to know your position in front of your competitors? to know how much your service is appreciated by your customers? to tell your story another way? I would recommend CRANT. They use the best brand marketing strategy. Stay in touch with the team at: /

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